Urpib Doctrine + Due Diligence = A Real Chance to Succeed!

Physical Commodity Trading is impossible if you do not practice Simple Due Diligence principles and trade with real goods. The Urpib Trader learns to source real goods using proper Due Diligence techniques, this combination gives the trader a real chance to succeed. Want more information, click the RED “Start Here” button now.

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Worldwide Sourcing

The global Urpib network consists of over 10,000 highly trained agents ready to assist any supplier or buyer. 

Due Diligence Training

Performing a few "Simple Due Diligence" procedures can save you 100s of work hours and huge amounts of money.

Due Diligence Consulting

​Affordable options for suppliers and end buyers to have a trained professional screen inbound email traffic.

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Commodity Market Madness

Commodity Market Madness In today’s commodity market madness prevails, especially in sectors where wannabes are numerically dominating. These are the “get rich quick” sectors such as petroleum goods, sugar and fertilizers like urea. Browsing these sectors reminds me just how few intermediaries know what they are doing. The overwhelming number of websites, documents, d [...]

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Simple Due Diligence, Successful Methods

Due Diligence; The primary key to success. Trading commodities on the internet without exercising simple Due Diligence is searching for needle in a haystack. One must test thousands of offers seeking a single valid option to pursue. Truth is over 95% of internet physical commodity websites and trade offers are fakes, fraud or fantasy. The root of this consists of two overlappi [...]

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The Secondary Commodity Market

The Secondary Commodity Market Rest assured; the secondary commodity market is real. It is where the small agency or home based top commodity traders focus their activity. The secondary market is small to medium-sized businesses, usually family owned. These businesses cannot compete with the primary market giants. Theses are the sellers you must find to be successful. This m [...]

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Urpib.com: The Introduction

What is “Urpib” anyway? Urpib is an acronym for “Uniform Rules and Practices for Intermediaries and Brokers”, a set of trade rules establishing standards for global commodity traders. Global trade has not changed much since the Roman Empire as shown on the map above, goods located in one place must be purchased and transported to another. The savvy trader knows where [...]

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